Home is where love resides, memories are created! Simplify your home with amazing home decors available at ORESHORE, As we enter spring season the houses becomes more prone to dust and pollen particles. For this it may not always be a good idea to include thick curtains and heavy carpets, going for a light coloured and thinner curtains that do not accumulate dust in spring and summer months can provide eye relaxing ease and comfort meanwhile also benefitting from hot weather.

One of the most beautiful part of spring is the feeling of getting rid of all the negativity. It’s always a great idea to check out our latest wall hanging metal decors which can make your sweet home look more pleasurable and planned.


Do small things with great Love! Because a well-planned and decorated wall can be good enough to change entire house atmosphere. It’s always a great choice to paint some light colours on your house walls which reflects light even more, you can make different styles wall gallery by hanging our premium metal wall arts and convert an old house to a new one.

Check out our latest metal wall decors with energizing shades of colour which can give new life to your room.


Do something to make a difference! If your house doesn’t have a sea view or royal furnishing, you may need something different to attract your probable guests. Make a wall which looks like a gallery decorated with multi-coloured frames and metal wall arts which gives your room a brighter luxury feeling.

Decorate your walls on your living rooms, bedrooms and bathroom and experience the difference and state of luxury it provides. When you check out a luxury house you probably feel the simplicity of decorated items and objects that are placed in a way that makes you feels calm and relaxed when you and your guests are looking at your house visuals.

It is important for a place to be sleek and simple, but simplicity doesn’t mean that house should look cold and dull, therefore don’t miss our latest collection of metal wall arts that adds true experience into your house because a bright and decorated room directs the overall sense of house to the feeling of happiness and peace.


What you do makes a difference! According to survey we Indians spend more than 60% of our time working in our office, this means the time we spend in our office covers more than half of our lifespan, it creates a big difference to the time we spend socializing both at home and outside.

We spend most of our time working on our office desk, do we really care about decorations?

The spaces we spend time in directly influences our mood and productivity, we have come up with great decoration ideas that will refresh your minds during work.

We always need someone at our back so he keeps us motivating throughout the day, but that’s not actually possible, we have come up with some amazing motivational sentences a metal décor which can charm up your day. Do check out our inspirational quotes metal decors in our metal wall art window. Along with this have a vision board at your office, seeing these pano throughout your day helps you make your dreams come true and your goals a little closer every day.


Do it yourself, is the motto for those who want to add creativity to their home and life.

ORESHORE provides elegant, comfortable eye catchy designs that makes your home look new like never before.

Metal wall decors are timeless designs that are always open for creativity, these are the designs which are suitable for almost every area be it living room, dining room, workplace or bathrooms.

Designed by the best in business and built to last lifelong, all thanks to high quality metal used and advanced laser cutting accompanied with superior quality powder coating which enhances product life thereby producing great colour definition and contrast which none of the other brands can give.